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Marriage coaching is a synergistic relationship between a couple and an accredited marriage coach, designed to tap into the maximum potential of a marriage relationship.

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Welcome to All-Star Marriage!

Are you ready to take your marriage from ordinary to extraordinary? At All-Star Marriage, every great team starts with a strong foundation. We provide couples and individuals with the guidance and resources needed to create a championship team.

Alex and Jen had been married for over 20 years, but their marriage had slowly deteriorated over the past few years. They were both done arguing (numb), and they felt like they had tried every technique to make their marriage work, but nothing was helping.

Their love remained strong, but they both felt like something was missing from their relationship, which caused them to constantly fight and bicker. Jen suggested counseling, but Alex refused and thought it wouldn’t help anyway. Alex didn't want to going back into the past but wanted solutions for the future.

One day, Jen came across All-Star Marriage’s website and decided to take a chance. She signed up for couples coaching without telling Alex in hopes of salvaging their marriage before it was too late.

At first, Alex was hesitant about attending the coaching sessions (like most men), but as time passed, he eventually opened up and started to understand why things weren’t working out between them. With the help of All-Star Marriage’s guidance and resources, they could identify their own issues causing tension in their marriage and eventually resolve them.

Alex and Jen finally found the peace they desperately needed to save their marriage. They could now communicate more effectively with one another and create an even stronger bond than before.

Thanks to All-Star Marriage’s help, Alex and Jen are much happier together than ever! They are proof that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible!

Dr. Hines is a master at his craft of giving couples the tools needed to be supportive, caring, fun-loving and strong partners for each other. My partner and I always left each session feeling very hopeful and happy about our future together knowing that we had gained another valuable tool to use when we encountered obstacles in our relationship. I highly recommend him to any couple who truly wants to have a healthy relationship. Kelli S.
Dr. Hines has created the ideal solution for busy couples in search of a new direction whose time is limited by family and professional obligations. If you’re in looking for high quality marriage program for you and your partner, brought to you by one of Oklahoma foremost couples coach from the privacy of your own home, look no further than All Star Marriage Coaching! David C.


Our team of professionally trained coaches maintains the highest standards in the industry and will cheer you

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All-Star Marriage provides marriage coaching for couples all over the world. Our services can be customized to best

Out of the park

Were you expecting an “out of the park” marriage, yet feel like your relationship is still warming the bench?

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All-Star Marriage provides couples and individuals with a safe place to talk about their marriage in terms of a sports team. We use the concept of a championship team as an analogy to help people understand how their marriage can become stronger.

Every successful football team knows that a solid foundation is crucial for their victory, and the same goes for marriages. Our premarital coaching is like building a game plan for the future, identifying potential hurdles, and ensuring a strong start.


Even if you have been married for 20 years, it's never too late to train for the next football season. Our focus is on teamwork and communication, two significant factors in leading any team to the championship. We provide strategies to couples to work together more effectively, improving their relationship and unlocking their full potential.


Just like a coach facilitating conversations with players, we facilitate meaningful discussions between partners. Through open and honest communication, couples gain insight into each other's perspectives and feelings without worrying about judgment or criticism. With our coaching, you'll defeat every obstacle life throws your way, delivering a winning performance every season.

At All-Star Marriage, we know the importance of having an outlet or “safe place” for couples to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings without fear of repercussions or criticism. That’s why we provide our clients with guidance and support from experienced professionals who understand the complexities of relationships and have seen it all before.

When you have the right tools in place, you can create a championship team in your marriage and take it from ordinary to extraordinary! With our help, you will be able to build strong communication skills, learn how to work together more effectively, identify potential pitfalls in your relationship, and gain valuable insights into each other’s perspectives.

Don’t wait any longer – let All-Star Marriage help you create the perfect game plan for your successful marriage today!

Coaching for Men

Most men are independent natural leaders, and it can be emasculating to admit needing guidance in a marriage. Coaching takes the stigma out of “counseling” by providing a plan of action, working as a team alongside the individual. Rather than intimidating counseling sessions, our coaches will provide men with an environment that mimics a coach-athlete relationship.

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Pre-Marriage counseling is an invaluable tool in preparing for a future marriage. Our expectation of marriage often clashes with reality, and we find ourselves ill prepared to dodge life’s curveballs. All-Star Pre-Marriage services allow couples to explore potential obstacles that may arise in their marriage and equip them with strategies to face those issues.

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Research has shown that having a coach when married can significantly increase the chances of a successful and happy marriage. Studies have revealed that couples who get guidance from experienced professionals in their relationship are likely to make better decisions, communicate more effectively, and build stronger bonds.

Statistics show that couples with coaches are happier than those without. In one study, teams who received coaching reported being significantly more satisfied with their relationships than couples not receiving guidance or help. These couples also reported less stress due to improved communication and problem-solving skills.

Having a coach can also lead to improved decision-making for married couples. Couples who receive regular coaching benefit from the ability to look objectively at their marriage instead of getting bogged down by emotion and bias. With the help of an experienced professional, they can identify potential problems before they arise and develop effective strategies to address them. This helps them make better decisions, ultimately resulting in increased satisfaction in their relationship over time.

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Furthermore, having a coach can lead to better family dynamics. Couples with coaches are more likely to express themselves without fear or judgment, leading to deeper understanding between partners and greater family unity overall. Coaches also provide valuable resources and advice on how spouses can work together as a team instead of competing against each other. This sets an example for children growing up in these homes about how husband and wife should interact for a successful relationship over time.

In short, research has proven the effectiveness of having a coach when married – especially if it is done early on when building the foundation for a successful relationship. Couples seeking this type of guidance tend to experience higher satisfaction levels in their marriages due to improved communication, better decision-making abilities, and more robust family dynamics overall.

Take the first step to a happier and more fulfilling marriage today by scheduling a call with one of our experienced professionals at All-Star Marriage. Our coaches have years of experience helping couples like you create the perfect game plan for their successful Marriage. Don’t wait any longer – let All-Star Marriage help you reach your relationship goals today!

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"Johnathan has given us the tools and resources to navigate life's challenges as a couple. We have grown closer and happier than we were before, and we have their coaching program to thank for it." - Janet and David
"Dr. Hines and his coaches are amazing! They have a great way of making you feel comfortable and addressing your unique concerns. We highly recommend them for couples looking to strengthen their bond." - Lisa and Jack
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