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The Devastating Effects of Divorce on Families


Divorce is a painful experience for everyone involved, and the long-term effects can be devastating. It affects not just the couple but their children, in-laws, and their families as well.


Financial Loss


Divorce can be costly, with legal fees, splitting of assets, and alimony or child support payments. Couples may also face decreased economic status after divorce, which can affect their living standards and ability to support their children.


Mental Health Issues


Divorce can cause emotional and psychological problems in everyone involved. Children may suffer academically and experience separation anxiety, leading to depression, anxiety, and mood swings. For the wife and husband, they may experience guilt, stress, insomnia, and substance abuse. Even the in-laws may be affected, experiencing grief and stress.


Control over Your Family


Once a family enters the legal system, a family judge gains significant control over their lives. The court will decide on custody arrangements and may enforce decisions regarding visitation rights, education, and medical treatment. This can be a difficult and emotional time for the family, adding another layer of stress to an already stressful situation.


It is clear that divorce can have significant long-term effects on a family's financial, mental, and emotional well-being. However, it is possible to minimize these effects by seeking out proper assistance and support.


If you or someone you know is facing divorce, contact a professional today to learn about your options and take steps towards a brighter future.

Children are the innocent victims of divorce, often facing long-term emotional and psychological effects.


Divorce Protection Coaching Program Outline


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Welcome to the Divorce Protection Coaching Program! This 20-session program is designed to help struggling couples overcome common challenges in marriage and build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship. Throughout the program, we will use sports analogies to help you both think about your marriage in a new way and develop the skills and strategies you need to succeed.

Session 1: Goal Setting and Vision


In the first session, we will help you create a shared vision for your marriage and set clear, achievable goals to guide your progress.


Session 2: The Importance of Understanding Man's Needs


In this session, we will discuss the unique needs that men bring to a marriage and help you both understand how to meet those needs in healthy and productive ways.


Session 3: The Importance of Understanding Women's Needs


In this session, we will do the same for women's needs and help you both understand how to support your partner in meeting those needs.


Session 4: Communication: The Scoreboard


Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and even bigger problems. In this session, we will explore ways to improve communication and help you develop healthy communication habits.


Session 5: Parenting Differences: The Two-Minute Warning


Disagreements about parenting styles can create tension and lead to arguments. We will explore strategies for resolving conflicts related to parenting and developing a unified approach to raising your children.


Session 6: A Lack of Sexual Intimacy: The Huddle


A lack of physical intimacy can lead to feelings of emotional distance and even infidelity. In this session, we will discuss ways to increase intimacy, build emotional connections, and improve your sexual relationship.


Session 7: Outside Influences: The Home Field Advantage


Disagreements with in-laws, friends, and family can create tension in a marriage. We will explore strategies for setting boundaries, managing conflicts, and protecting your marriage from negative outside influences.


Session 8: Life Transitions: The Halftime Show


Major life transitions, such as getting married or having a child, can create stress and uncertainty in a marriage. In this session, we will discuss ways to support each other through life changes and strengthen your connection.


Session 9: Conflicting Priorities: The Playbook


When partners have different goals in life, it can create tension in a marriage. We will explore ways to identify and align your priorities as a couple and work together towards common goals.


Session 10: Balancing Work and Family: The Time Out


Juggling careers and family responsibilities can be overwhelming and stressful for many couples. In this session, we will discuss strategies for managing time, setting boundaries, and prioritizing self-care.


Session 11: Trust Issues: The Penalty Box


When trust is broken, it can take time and effort to rebuild. We will explore ways to repair trust, rebuild intimacy, and create a stronger, more resilient relationship.


Session 12: The Five Love Languages: The MVP


In this session, we will explore Gary Chapman's theory of the five love languages and help you both identify your own preferred love language and that of your partner.


Session 13: Couples Energy Management: The Training Room


In this session, we will explore what it means to manage your energy as a couple and give you the tools to create a plan that allows you to thrive both individually and together.


Session 14: Forgiveness, Resentment, and the Burn Book


In this session, we will explore the power of forgiveness and help you develop strategies for letting go of resentment and other negative emotions. We will also introduce you to the burn book technique for healing emotional wounds.


Session 15: Past Hurts: The Replay


In this session, we will explore the role that past hurts can play in your relationship and help you develop strategies for healing and moving forward.


Session 16: The Relationship Wheel: Balancing Life and Work


In this session, we will introduce you to the relationship wheel, a tool for assessing and balancing different aspects of your life. We will help you identify areas of imbalance and develop strategies to create a healthier, more fulfilling life as a couple.


Session 17: Using the Enneagram for Couples: The Draft


In this session, we will introduce you to the Enneagram, a powerful tool for understanding personality types. We will help you identify your own Enneagram type and explore ways to use this knowledge to create a stronger, more compassionate relationship.


Session 18-20: Customization and Progress Check-ins


In the final sessions of the program, we will work with you to customize the program to your specific needs and goals and provide ongoing support and progress check-ins as you continue to work towards building a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.


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Program Details


Money Back Guarantee 

  • Sessions with Johnathan can be in person or via video depending on availability.

  • You and your partner will complete two couples assessments: one before the initial sessions, and one halfway through the program to track progress.

  • You will receive two couples playbooks with essential tools and strategies for building a stronger relationship.

  • You will receive weekly marriage motivation emails to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the program.

  • The program will begin with a 120-minute initial couple session to get to know each other and establish goals.

  • You and your partner will receive four individual 90-minute life mapping sessions to assess personal growth and overcome obstacles.

  • The program consists of 15 couples sessions, each 70 minutes in length, to explore essential topics for building a healthier relationship.

  • You will receive twelve months of date night ideas to keep the romance alive.

  • You will receive a couples discussion guide to encourage meaningful conversations and deeper connections.

  • You will receive a 115 funny "have you ever" guide for couples to encourage lighthearted conversation and laughter.

  • You will explore Gary Chapman's theory of the five love languages in two sessions to understand each other's needs and preferences.

  • You will receive weekly couples tips to your email to help you apply what you learned during sessions.

  • You will receive two Little Black Books of Date Nights with ideas for fun and creative date nights.

  • You will receive a weekly 30-minute lifeline call in between sessions to address any concerns or questions you may have.


Program Benefits


By participating in this program, you and your partner will:


  • Gain valuable insight into each other's needs, preferences, and communication styles.

  • Learn how to resolve conflicts and communicate more effectively.

  • Develop a deeper appreciation for each other and a stronger emotional connection.

  • Explore strategies for balancing work, family, and personal growth.

  • Establish clear goals for your future as a couple and as individuals.




"What a fantastic program! Johnathan is a true expert in the field, and his guidance has helped us to rekindle the spark in our marriage. We highly recommend this program to any couple looking to improve their relationship." - Jane and Jack


"Johnathan is an excellent coach! He has taught us how to communicate more effectively, let go of resentment, and focus on our shared goals. We're so grateful for this program!" - Sarah and Tom


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