7 Ways to Incorporate Sports into Your Marriage

bonding communication exercise marriage sports teamwork May 02, 2023

Are you and your partner sports enthusiasts? Engaging in sports together can not only provide a great workout but can also be a fun way to bond and improve your relationship. As a marriage coach, we have seen how incorporating sports can help couples build teamwork and communication skills. Here are seven ways to incorporate sports into your marriage:


1. Play a Sport Together


Find a sport that both you and your partner enjoy and play it together. It can be something as simple as shooting hoops or something more competitive like tennis or soccer. Playing a sport together will allow you to work as a team and create a stronger bond between you.


2. Create an Exercise Routine


Working out together can have many benefits, including improving your health and relationship. You can choose a workout program or plan your own. Try doing activities that you both enjoy, like yoga, hiking, or cycling.


3. Watch Games Together


Whether you're watching a live game or just catching up on highlights, watching sports together can be a great way to bond. You can even make it a weekly tradition with snacks and drinks to make it more enjoyable.


4. Attend Sporting Events


Find out when your favorite team is playing and make a date out of attending the event together. Whether it's a professional game or a local little league game, going to a game together can be a fun and exciting experience.


5. Take Up a New Sport Together


Trying out a new sport together can be a fun and exciting experience. It will help you challenge yourselves and each other, and create new memories. You can try something like paddleboarding, rock climbing, or even surfing.


6. Have Fun Competitions


Creating friendly competitions between you and your partner can be a fun way to incorporate sports into your marriage. You could have a mini-golf tournament, compete in a game of horse, or even challenge each other to a race.


7. Use Sports to Build Trust


Sports can be a great way to build trust between you and your partner. For example, you could play trust exercises where one person is blindfolded and has to navigate through an obstacle course with the other person's guidance.


Incorporating sports into your marriage can have many benefits, but it's essential to respect each other's boundaries and level of involvement. As a marriage coach, we believe that engaging in sports together can help improve your communication, understanding, and overall relationship.