How Medical Doctors face marriage issues

Apr 17, 2021

Studies show that over 80% of doctors are married. Most of these doctors are married to fellow doctors while the rest have married from other professions. Either way, doctors too have challenges in marriage. In fact, doctors stand a higher chance of having marriage issues because of the nature of their profession.

To every problem there must be a solution! Here, we guide you through your marriage issues with the hope that you will have a breakthrough to a better marriage. Today, we focus on some of the problems that medical doctors face in marriage and their possible solutions.

What are the Common Marriage Problems that Medical Doctors Face and what are their Solutions?

For better understanding, we will first identify the problem that medical doctors are likely to face then proceed to providing a viable solution.

The marriage problem: Inadequate time for your partner

As a doctor, you might find yourself in a 36-hour shift. By the time you get back home, you are too tired to do anything. You end up going to bed, and when you wake up, your next shift is about to begin, so you rush back to the hospital.

Overtime, your marriage will start to crumble. If you have married a fellow doctor, it can be tougher, especially if you have different shifts. By the end of the week, you find out that you only met once or twice even though you stay in the same home!

The Solution: Make it your responsibility to make time

The truth is, if you tell yourself that you do not have time, you will never have time. If you really care about your partner, you cannot go a whole week without finding time for her.

To solve this problem, dedicate a day or two for her. During this time, focus on nothing but her. If you both love sports, take the time to go watch your favorite team play. Show your partner that she really matters, and even though you have a busy career, you will always have time for her.

By doing this, she will have no issues on the days when you are caught up with work. She will understand that it is a part of your job, and you will balance it out by making time for her.

The Problem: Sex

Yes! Doctors too can have sex problems in their marriage. For instance, a doctor’s shift can be as long as 36 hours. By the time he gets home, he is too tired to do anything. This is when the phrase “not today dear” is used much to the disappointment of the other partner.

Sex is so sacred in marriage and can cause great havoc if ignored. We have seen cases where partners have strayed and families broken up because of sex.

The Solution: Have plans, steady plans!

Just as you make a budget for your money, you should plan for sex in marriage. Make it known that Wednesdays are for sex (just joking, it can be any day). Make your sex life enticing by getting into role playing.

For instance, if you love soccer, you can get into character and play the role of a player who wants to score from a penalty kick with your wife as the goalkeeper. Hype up the situation; get your favorite jerseys on!

However, if your sex problem is related to health issues, seeing a sex therapist would be ideal. With the right medication, you should be able to get back on track.

The problem: Reduced interests in your partner

As a doctor, you might find out that you spend the little time that you get away from your job to watch your favorite sport. We all agree that all work without play makes you a dull boy. However, she is still your wife and needs attention, too. Do not let sports get in the way of you and your loved one.

Most women have complained that their husbands spend a lot of time watching sports to the extent that they forget to eat or care for their family. With sports gambling also a temptation, the problem is now twice as huge. Do not allow your hobbies to escalate to the point where you neglect your family. It is perfectly acceptable to partake in a little bit of selfishness, but not all the time.

The Solution: Juggle between the two

Did you know that it is possible to watch your favorite sport and still care and be available for your wife? During your free time, help your wife in the kitchen. Engage her, learn about what new curtains she wants to buy, ask her where she would like to go to dinner.

While on your dinner date, chances are your favorite sport will be showing on the giant screens. You will be surprised to learn that your wife supports the team that you don’t. That sounds like fun, right?

The Problem: Managing finances

This problem is not unique to doctors. However, most people believe that doctors make enough money to facilitate their livelihoods. The truth is, most doctors have decent incomes. The problem lies within managing the finances.

For sport lovers, most of them are always tempted to place bets on their favorite team for fun. In most cases, they end up losing money that would have been used for other family needs. Misusing finances causes friction between the husband and the wife, leading to marriage issues.

The Solution: Open up and plan together

 Young handsome doctor with dark hair in white gown with stethoscope on his neck embracing young pretty woman with long brown hair in sweater and jeans on white background in studio 

Men and finances are very tricky topics. Most men do not like opening up about their finances, and doctors are not excluded. However, by being open to your wife, you develop trust and manage your finances better.

You vowed to spend the rest of your life together. The least you can do is trust her with your finances.

The Key Takeaway

Every marriage union has its challenges and doctors are no exception. However, the problems that doctors have might vary slightly from other professionals because of the nature of their job. Some major problems that doctors have include inadequate time for their partners, low sex drive, and financial issues.

However, the issues can be tamed by creating time for their partners, having quality time, and opening up on their incomes. Remember, it is possible to support your favorite sports team and still live happily married!