The Game of Compromise: How to Make Decisions as a Team

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The Game of Compromise: How to Make Decisions as a Team

Marriage can feel like a never-ending game of compromise. Decisions need to be made, and it can be tough to find a solution that works for both partners. But just like in sports, compromise and teamwork are essential for success. In this post, we'll use sports team decision-making as a metaphor to discuss how to compromise and make decisions as a team in your marriage.

The Importance of Compromise

Anyone who's ever played on a sports team knows that success is all about compromise. Every player on the team has different strengths and weaknesses, but they need to work together to achieve a shared goal. Without compromise, a team can't function effectively. The same goes for your marriage - you and your partner have different strengths and opinions, but you need to work together to create a healthy and happy relationship.

Compromise in Action

At our coaching sessions, we often focus on helping couples find effective ways to compromise. Here are some examples of how compromise has helped other couples:

  • One partner wanted to move to a new city to advance their career, while the other wanted to stay put to be closer to family. By compromising on a location that was close to both sets of family and offered good job opportunities, they found a happy medium and were able to move forward together.

  • Another couple was struggling with how to split household chores. They both had busy work schedules and felt overwhelmed by the daily demands of maintaining a home. By compromising on specific tasks that each partner was better suited for and dividing chores equally, they were able to reduce stress and strengthen their bond.

  • A third couple was struggling with how to manage their finances. One partner was a spender, while the other was more frugal. By compromising on a budget that allowed for some splurges, but also allowed for savings and financial stability, they were able to find a happy medium.

Challenges and Solutions

Compromising isn't always easy, and there can be challenges that arise. Here are some common challenges and solutions to overcome them:

  • Different priorities: When both partners have different priorities, it can be tough to find a compromise. Solution: Try to identify common goals and work towards those together.

  • Fear of conflict: Some people may avoid conflict and not want to rock the boat. Solution: Make an effort to communicate openly and establish a safe environment where both partners feel comfortable expressing themselves.

  • Ego and pride: Sometimes, one partner may feel that their way is the only way. Solution: Work together to find a solution that takes both perspectives into account and acknowledges the value of both partners' contributions.

How Coaching Works

Coaching can help you and your partner find effective ways to compromise and make decisions as a team. Our customized strategies and positive language can help you build credibility, motivate growth, and improve communication. We use analogies and emotional appeals to create empathy and overcome challenges that may arise when trying to compromise.


Just like in sports, compromise and teamwork are essential for success in your marriage. By using effective strategies and working as a team, you and your partner can overcome challenges and make decisions that support a healthy and happy relationship. With the help of coaching, you can learn how to compromise effectively, strengthen your bond, and achieve success as a team.