How Being a Pro Basketball Player can Affect your Marriage

Apr 11, 2021

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Relationships have many benefits in our lives: they contribute to life satisfaction, well-being, and even help us relieve stress. However, marriages are laden with challenges, and these challenges are more common when dating a professional basketball player. The issues from this sport can make a couple stay stronger or break their bond. But in most cases, marriage issues result in breakups and, subsequently, divorces.

And for the wives, it’s not easy to work around marriage obstacles, especially if their partner is not committed. While some NBA players stay married and work through the struggles, others find it difficult to maintain the relationship.

National Basketball Association (NBA) players and their love life

Many professional athletes are infamous for their unfaithfulness to their girlfriends and wives. But it’s more common in the NBA than other sports leagues in North America. It may be because of the constant traveling or the idea that they are invincible and will never be caught. But whatever the reason, these players must uphold their commitments to keep their relationships alive. However, some good guys have remained loyal to their spouses throughout their entire lifetime. And even after retiring and leaving their sneakers, they remain happier in relationships. You will be surprised that NBA players also hold different opinions on relationships.

What Leads to Infidelity and other issues in NBA players’ marriages

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When a man starts to play in the NBA league, he acquires a celebrity-like status. Therefore, women will flock to him, and he will be invited to many posh parties. And if he is not yet married, cheating will become normal because countless women throw themselves at him. But when he wants to get married, he has to decide whether to continue with the causal relationships or commit to marriage.

Most NBA marriages suffer from infidelity and even occur to players who enjoy their marriage. In most cases, the families hide the marital infidelity to protect the reputation of the player. NBA players are constantly faced with temptations, even at their games where cheerleaders dance provocatively to “hype” them up. And some teams also hire hookers to entertain the players.

Therefore, the players’ wives will tend to dress sexily, especially in public, so that their husbands do not become attracted to other women. And when at home, they satisfy the husband sexually anytime they have sexual urges out of fear that other women will. According to an NBA wife who married a player named Craig, she had to have sex anytime he needed it, or else he could cheat. Later on, she divorced her husband.

Some players also have extra sexual needs, and their wives may be unable to satisfy their urges. And for others, they are too tired, especially during the season, which makes it hard to offer their wives enough sex. The wife has to sacrifice many things, including her freedom. They have to keep most information confidential and private, or else they can hurt the husband’s reputation.

Field Performance and Relationships

NBA wives are so burdened since they have to handle most of the issues and avoid tarnishing their husbands’ reputations, especially during play seasons. Typically, the wife will need to wait until after the season so that she and her husband can deal with issues privately without it affecting his performance.

Overall, the women in the NBA world suffer from social isolation, infidelity, and struggle to show their identity in the masculine world of basketball games.

What Causes Marriage Issues in the relationship

  1. Infidelity

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Most times, the predominant issue in NBA relationships is infidelity. Though it’s normal to find other people attractive, fantasizing about being with the other person while still in a relationship is not acceptable. If you constantly think of someone as more attractive than your current partner, that is an indicator that something is very wrong in your relationship.

Also, most couples face the challenge of being emotionally distant in a relationship. And when that occurs, the wife may start looking around for another guy, or because of the distance, the NBA player can engage in extramarital affairs. Due to the emotional and physical infidelity, the marriage will start failing. The couple should strive to remain closer and avoid infidelity to ensure the success of this marriage.

  1. Busy Schedules

Due to the busy schedule of NBA players, it’s common for their marriages to have issues. If the player doesn’t have time to be with his wife, it will lead to emotional distance. Besides, the couple will feel less connection because of the increased separateness.

Additionally, the couple will not allocate the social and household responsibilities well, which will lead to conflicts and disagreements. Though the busy schedule does contribute to strife in marriage, it is not the sole cause of issues.

  1. Lack of Sexual Intimacy

Couples may lose sexual intimacy due to emotional and medical issues. If there are sexual problems in the marriage due to the partner’s distance or disconnection, it will be hard for the couple to feel sexual attraction to each other. Without emotional attachment, couples will find it hard to maintain the marriage.

  1. Poor Communication

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Poor communication is the cause of breakups and divorce in most marriages. It damages the dynamics and attitudes of your partner. Without positive communication, your relationship will become damaged, and this will lead to divorce. It’s, therefore, crucial to maintain healthy communication with your partner to avoid marital issues.

  1. Bottom-line 

Women who have married basketball players have had a fair share of good and bad times. This career and other sports have led to countless marital issues, with most players being involved in infidelity, which may lead to divorce. However, some maintain a good relationship with their spouses when they listen to them and practice effective communication. Since the marriage requires the commitment and cooperation of the two partners to succeed, the player needs to take steps to make their marriage work.

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