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40%-50% of marriages result in divorce. Many couples are aware of this disturbing fact before they get married, but still many enter into marriage without the proper tools, and sadly, they become another statistic. Marriage is difficult. It takes a lot of work, and when the chips are down–and they will be–it’s sometimes easier to just throw in the towel. This is under normal circumstances. A pandemic makes everything immensely worse. Finances, one of the top three reasons couples divorce, are really out of whack. Kids are stuck at home doing school on a computer, throwing alone time and normal responsibilities out the window. Restaurants and movie theaters are closed, which means no date nights. Quarantine creates or worsens already existing mental health issues. All of these problems are enough to break any marriage. And we are watching the consequences unfold as, on average, a divorce occurs every 13 seconds. Think back to your wedding day. Remember those vows you took? Around 9 people divorced in that short time frame. Remember dancing the night away at your reception, high on the bliss of new love? Around 1,385 couples divorced while you partied with your friends and family, celebrating your nuptials.

What’s even scarier is that there are factors out of your control that can also contribute to the failure of your marriage. If you are married for the first time, you may be one of the 19,353,568 individuals who divorce within their first year of marriage. Even your age can work against you. Couples who are 25-30 make up 60 percent of all divorces. Live in Missouri? The probability of divorce in your state is staggering. 2.5 million married individuals divorced in 2016. 44,321 married couples called it quits in 2017. And these are pre-pandemic numbers; the divorce rates for 2020 and 2021 are likely to skyrocket.

These numbers are terrifying and can make you wonder: why get married at all? If you’re already married, this may make you even more afraid of what your future holds.  So what’s the solution? How do you prevent becoming another statistic? You can’t avoid every challenge in life. You will experience misunderstandings, pain, conflicts, and miscommunication in your marriage because no one is perfect. Safeguard your marriage. Put in the work. 

Think of your favorite athlete. How devastating would it be (or has been) when he or she sustains an injury and is out for a few games or even a season? For some, this is the end. But others don’t give up that easily. They have the surgery, they do the physical therapy, they go through the grueling workouts–all so that they can come back and play the sport they love. They recognize the problem, they fix it, and return, most of the time, better than ever. 

Some people have a lot of pride when it comes to their car. They saved up, spent a lot of time researching and dreaming, and finally were able to make that big purchase. And they should be proud; it takes a lot of dedication, discipline, and commitment to buy a car. But the work doesn’t stop after you drive off the lot. What happens when that car needs an oil change? New tires? New brake pads? Do you take it back to the dealership and upgrade to a new vehicle? Of course not.  You do the maintenance to make the car last; after all, it’s a big investment. These ideas behind athletes and cars also apply to your marriage. You need tools to protect your marriage from the difficult times so that you and your spouse can work together as a team and remain strong. 


All-Star Marriage can give you the tools you need to do just that.


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